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Canyon Lake Kids Academy Provides The Best Learning Experience For Your Kids

While leaving your kids with strangers may seem like a tough thing to do it is important to realize that when they are in the right hands they are going to flourish! Canyon Lake Kids Academy offers a well-planned, structured learning environment that has been developed to stimulate the abilities of each individual child. We offer a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, balanced with lessons planned around interest and the needs of our students. Our Head Start program provides hands-on participation to encourage the full development of every child physically, academically, emotionally, and socially. All taught with loving care in our small teacher-to-student ratio classes. We know fun and play is a huge part of learning as well, so have plenty of that to offer. Our goal is to make your child feel welcomed, loved, and secure in a learning environment created just for him/her. Whether you need a fun place to drop off your child for a few hours a few days a week, full time, or just a date night one Saturday night, we are the place to trust. The team meets all the requirements & guidelines set by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (TDFPS) and continued education and training is a core element of the team and certified in CPR and First Aid. Come see the brand-new facility! 

First Aid/CPR Certified Staff

One of the most important things to identify about a potential child care facility is if the staff is trained in first aid and CPR protocols. This could be the difference in a life and death situation. While it's no secret that kids do get scratched and bruised, should a child be injured at all it is integral they get appropriate care right away.

Transportation to and from area schools

We provide a school bus for the after-school program to Canyon Lake Kids Academy. We also have a special needs bus that can be arranged to our facility as well.

Social Development

Developing social skills young is a great way to help lock down a successful social and professional life for years and years into the future. A child care center that helps develop proper social habits because they understand how important they are, should be near the top of your list!

Speaking and listening Skills 

Your preschooler's language skills develop when she has lots of opportunities to listen to and speak with others. Our teachers talk with the children throughout the day—while they play, at group times, and one-to-one. They encourage children to share information, ideas, and feelings with each other.

Emotional Development:

We help your child understand his or her feelings and the feelings of others. CLKA eachers help children recognize and manage their own feelings and behavior. They also teach children to show concern for others. To build your child's self-esteem, teachers encourage him to try new things and keep working at hard tasks.

Early Reading/Writing

Most preschoolers learn to understand what reading is for and what rhyming sounds are. They listen to and talk about stories. Many preschoolers can read their own names and some simple words. On the other hand, children's writing begins as scribbles and becomes shapes that look like letters. Over time, their shapes look more like actual letters, and they write words using their own spelling. 

Homework Assistance

Homework is a big part of any age these days so it is likely your child is going to have something to do just about every night of the week. At Canyon Lake Kids Academy our staff members are available to offer assistance with any homework needs.

Spiritual Development

We are a Christian-based pre-school, but we welcome everybody. We believe that Christian morals are invaluable in helping teach the youth of any creed or faith strong morals and courage for a lifetime of success. If you are looking for a Christian school that excels in early childhood education, look no further than Canyon Lake Kids Academy. We strive to live our own lives through Christ’s virtues as examples for the children and provide a strong foundation for this and other academic lessons of reasoning and morality for our students.

Good Health and Safety Practices

Young children aren’t known for their health and safety practices. A large part of providing high-quality child care is ensuring that the children, teachers, and families who walk through the doors every day practice proper safety, hygiene, and emergency protocol. Our teachers know what to do and who to contact in case of an emergency.

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